Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Link Over Yonder, For Now

Until I figure out a way to easily cross-post, please use the following links to my current sites:

CJ's Creative Studio:
- This is my professional site. Since I haven't been too vocational of late (especially in the art realm), the updates have been sparse.

T I B (...Therefore I Blog):
- This has been my primary blog site for a while. Opinions on things like the news, women's sports, TV, plus some journal entries.

Within TIB, I'm conducting an interesting little diversion:

Terminator – The Connor Wars (TTSCC Season 3) Fanfic Project

After the series was cancelled, I wasn't ready for it to end. So, since I'm a trained screenwriter, I figured that I had the option of letting the story continue. As a result, I'm engaged in penning a full 22-episode season of this series. (It's not a fanboy's a serious attempt at continuing the story.)

And there are more, but I think that will get you started.