Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Link Over Yonder, For Now

Until I figure out a way to easily cross-post, please use the following links to my current sites:

CJ's Creative Studio:
- This is my professional site. Since I haven't been too vocational of late (especially in the art realm), the updates have been sparse.

T I B (...Therefore I Blog):
- This has been my primary blog site for a while. Opinions on things like the news, women's sports, TV, plus some journal entries.

Within TIB, I'm conducting an interesting little diversion:

Terminator – The Connor Wars (TTSCC Season 3) Fanfic Project

After the series was cancelled, I wasn't ready for it to end. So, since I'm a trained screenwriter, I figured that I had the option of letting the story continue. As a result, I'm engaged in penning a full 22-episode season of this series. (It's not a fanboy's a serious attempt at continuing the story.)

And there are more, but I think that will get you started.


  1. I remember fanfic! Back in the late 90s, early 00s everyone on my romance writing loops was into it. That was back before vampire books were all the rage and all the writers who WISHED they could write vampire books were penning Buffy and Angel fanfics.

  2. I learned how to write the narrative forms via fanfic.

    This project is mostly because I wanted the story to continue (as did others, apparently, based on my fan mail), and I wanted to go back to my favorite form, the screenplay--a form that doesn't have much utility outside of Hollywood, et al. (concerning which, I am locationally challenged). So, that didn't really leave much in the way of options. I can't remember the last time I had this much fun writing. That being the case, I've already gotten my reward.

  3. Love reading but I can't comment. I'm not a WordPress member and you've got it set to where only WordPress members can comment.